What We’ve Been Eating

What We’ve Been Eating

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^^ Hard boiled eggs and egg salad in the Instant Pot

Minimize fresh, Maximize pantry + freezer

Like all of you, we’re trying to minimize unnecessary trips to the grocery store and make our pantry and freezer food last us as long as possible. We’ve been getting some meals from Plenty or takeout and the rest are improvised at home with what we have on hand. Of course now I wish I had had the time or forethought to plan like I would with a new baby coming: freezer bags of crockpot meals or casseroles. But this all happened so fast the best we did was buy some bags of beans and rice and a few extra pantry staples.

One of our last “fresh” meals

BBQ chicken with asparagus and rice

Pantry + Freezer Improv

Beans + rice

I whipped up this meal from the pantry that also happened to be vegan! Coconut rice, black beans, canned pineapple, spices (cumin, cinnamon, paprika), spinach, orange bell pepper, and lime. If we had had cilantro it would have been involved too!

More beans + rice, this time with peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, cheese, and sour cream.


Good old spaghetti and meat balls! We added frozen spinach and used frozen ground beef.

The next night I used leftover noodles and frozen peas to make a butter-parmesan-lemon pasta. There was nothing fancy about this – simple eat for simple times.

Green Muffins

I made a batch of these green muffins my friend Caroline invented. (Get the recipe in her IG story highlights.) They’re so good, and Birch loves them! I’ve had one with a hard-boiled egg all week for breakfast.

Picnic Dinner

Outdoor dining at its finest. Pita chips (with egg salad), olives, peppers, almonds, salami, cheese.

And canned wine 😉


We’ve been lucky that Plenty Cville is still delivering in a time when people need to stay home. (Della has made a bunch of changes to systems so that there is no contact with households and food is coming in recyclable containers instead of glass jars and Pyrex.) This is a lifeline to many here in Cville who otherwise would need to go to the grocery store for food, including my elderly neighbor who I introduced to it.

Egg + cheese + herb bake

Beef bulgogi with rice and carrot ribbons

Lampo Takeout

While I think most people are in money saving mode, I do want to continue to support the restaurants who are hurting so badly right now. Many of our restaurants are offering curbside pickup or delivery, also with no person-to-person contact. (We wipe down the outside of containers, then wash hands, then serve food, wash again, then eat!) Lampo pizza sure tasted good on our porch.

Can we live on smoothies?

Remember that flash-frozen produce has its nutrients frozen at peak ripeness. If you’re out of salad supplies, have a smoothie. (Daily Harvest is a great option for some vegetables included! Get $25 off your first box.)

How are you guys hanging in there? What have you been eating?

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