What Are The Best Veterinarians For You Pet? Consider Holistic Veterinarians First

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How To Choose The Best Veterinarian

Believing In Natural Remedies Is A Good Sign

In my decades of dog and cat ownership I’ve made my fair share of mistakes regarding this. Selecting the best veterinarian is not easy. I believe in natural remedies for myself. So I now believe it’s best to do the same for pets. So my advice would be to try a holistic veterinarian or a vet that believes in trying natural first. And it can’t hurt to get the opinions of multiple vets. I find most vets are like traditional doctors and just push the pills. It’s almost like they are reading the same script. But there are some vets that believe in natural pet remedies. I’d say those are the ones to choose.

Some traditional vets will just push those harsh remedies. Yet there could be some natural options that really work. So doesn’t it pay to at least consider or try them? A good example is vet dental cleanings. Every time my pet had some tartar on teeth the words Vet Dental Cleaning popped up. I now use Natural Cat and Dog Tartar and Plaque Removal Options. In the past few years I’ve tried 3 different products for Cat and Dog Tartar and Plaque Removal. Guess what? They worked great! And for all 3 times I did this the vet said my only option was a vet dental cleaning under anesthesia.

Another example is pet anxiety. One vet told me I to put my Xena on Prozac. I asked what the side effects were. And after hearing the long horrid list I said no thanks. Pet CBD worked great for Xena’s anxiety issues.

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Holistic Veterinarian Online

One problem I ran into is finding a local Holistic Veterinarian. There are far fewer holistic vets. So I took my Xena to 2 local vets. One seemed to believe in some natural remedies. So that was good.

But in the end Xena was prescribed Deramaxx for torn ligament. The vet told me about early spaying leading to this. But there was one danger I guess he did not know about. Early spaying can also lead to a certain cancer. And ironically I lost my beloved Xena to this cancer while treated with Deramaxx. I believe it was a combo effect. Click here to read about Xena. She was only 9 years old when she died. It’s been over 2 years since this unfortunate event. I still cry. The saddest thing is this product could have maybe helped her if taken early enough. Unfortunately I found it 6 months too late:

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Also another thing I did not know about back then. That was the possibility of help from a Holistic Veterinarian Online. Here’s some that may help:

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