Say NO to Chemicals in Your Life – 3 Reasons to Go GREEN and Be Chemical Free!

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Going Green, Detoxing, Chemical-Free, All-Natural, Organic… What’s all the fuss approximately? It’s less expensive and less difficult to get the non-organic fruit and veggies, and chemical-stuffed cleaners, proper? Well, positive, if you don’t remember your medical charges inside the future as part of the fee of life. How lots are you willing to spend now, for you to make sure which you are wholesome and disease-free in the destiny? How an awful lot is your existence, your children’s’ lives, and your pets’ lives well worth? Are they really worth some greater bucks to get the natural meals and reduce out chemical compounds now, or heaps of dollars to remove some terrible disorder within the destiny that you can have prevented by means of "going green"?

Here are the 3 predominant reasons I’ve chosen to take all of the chemicals out of my house: Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, and Parabens. What language is that this? English, I assume, or perhaps clinical names that originate from Latin, but we use them in English. Really, we do! Pick up any toothpaste, deodorant, cleanser, lotion, hair care, and so forth. In your house, and you may see these phrases, or variations of those phrases. The trouble is, nobody is aware of what they imply. If humans knew what they meant, people might no longer be using the products! Here is the "Cliff’s Notes" model of each of these chemicals.

Triclosan –

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