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MyEnergyEfficientHouse.com: Low Cost Go Green Energy Efficiency for Heating, Cooling and More

Save Money on Your Cooling, Heating and Electric Bills. MyEnergyEfficientHouse.com is a resource for Go Green Energy Efficiency, energy efficient heating and cooling solutions and other natural energy-saving options. What are the most energy-efficient cooling options? Regarding Alternative Energy-Efficient Heating, the heaters include Wall Panel Heaters, Energy Efficient Electric Fireplaces, Heaters for Power Outages, Gas Heaters and more… For Cooling there’s several types from energy efficient air conditioners that are for your window and some portable indoor/outdoor air coolers as well as low cost and powerful Air Circulator Fans.

Go Green Energy Efficiency For Cooling

To find out the latest Go Green Energy Efficiency For Cooling click below:

Featuring Energy-Efficient Wall Heaters

I use the wall heaters on this page as my primary heat source. On real cold days in low teens and near zero degrees I do turn the furnace on. But turn on the furnace far less often. For example if it is 15 degrees outside I may only turn my furnace on 2 to 3 times a day. The rest of the time its my wall heaters at work. Click here for more info.

How Wall Heaters Can Be Your Primary Heat Source

Selecting the Best Wall Heaters For The Job

There’s all types of wall heaters and they are all different in what they offer, their pros and cons and some are better than others. These are the 3 I use alone or as combo below as Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source. I find I turn the furnace on less often. During the day I find the best combo for the current situation. Homes vary and people are comfortable at different temperatures. I’m OK with 68 degrees and that’s my goal. Some people think that’s too cold. Some people want every room in the home to be the same temperature. I don’t. If I’m not using a room for a while I don’t heat it. For me some rooms with doors even get too hot. But no matter what Wall Heaters can make the furnace come on less often.

Right now I’m using the heaters on this page as Primary Heating Source. This does not mean I don’t turn my furnace on at all. I turn it on far less often so save money. Right now my problem temperature outside is 10 degrees or below. For example yesterday early morning and night I put the furnace on for a few minutes when 10 degrees. Throughout the day and night the wall heaters were my primary heat source. The wall heaters are used the most to heat my home. Here’s the 3 I chose to be my Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source and the ways I use each:

1. Heat Storm Heaters Including Portable Version

I use these heaters to warm up very cold rooms to help heat cold rooms with a wall panel heater.. The Heat Storm Heaters are perfect for that!

Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater – Low Cost Cold Room – Cold Bathroom Heater

I use these heaters when I want to warm up a cold room. If you don’t need portable wall heater this is probably your best bet. There’s also a portable version. The Heat Storm Deluxe Infrared Wall Heater installs on a wall and therefore not portable. Once installed it is a powerful 1000 watt wall heater. It comes with a remote, has a thermostat, has economy mode setting, can heat 600 sq. ft… So I bought it on Amazon as my Cold Bathroom Heater Solution. I now have it for the cold bathroom issue. As it has a thermostat I will leave it on for real cold nights to protect the pipes. I also have the option of using my little heater below on this page too. For more info and great reviews…just click to find out more.

2. Mini Small Portable Insta Heater Ceramic Space Heater

I came across this little heater before the Heat Storm Heaters. I use it too to help heat cold rooms with wall panel heaters.

For this test of a heater for cold bathroom my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! I can honestly say if I didn’t have this little heater to help I would have put the furnace on.

Mini Small Portable Insta Heater Ceramic Space Heater

Do you have a cold bathroom or another room that is cold? Well this is a heater for cold bathroom issues plus can help warm other rooms too. The Insta Heater is a very small portable plugin space heater. When I took it out of the box I simply plugged it into my cold bathroom’s outlet and this little 600 watt heater went to work and I quickly started to feel warm in my cold bathroom. It’s certainly great for a small room like a bathroom. It works well in other rooms especially if you are near where it is plugged in. So I was quite impressed with this little heater. However I was also not impressed that the remote did not come with batteries. I had to order some. Once I added the batteries and tried using the remote I found out the remote doesn’t seem to ever shut the heater off. To make matters worse the box did not include a manual or instructions. So that made using the remote very difficult. But then thinking more…why does one need a remote? All one has to do is plug it in a wall and there’s heat. That is the purpose of this little heater and as long as that works (and it does) you really don’t need a remote.

Performance in Other Rooms

I have tried it in a large 20×14 ft room that was 62 degrees and had 1 wall panel heater on at the time. I wanted to see if adding this little heater would make any difference and guess what it did. And please note my testing was done when very cold outside at night…single digits and teens…very cold! And it was cold like this for almost 2 weeks! By adding the Insta Heater the large room’s temperature went up 4 degrees after 45 minutes. But I did feel warmer after about 15 minutes of adding it. The wall panel heater was 5 feet from my recliner and on the opposite site the Insta Heater was 6 feet from me. The next room I tested the heater in was a cold (58 degrees) 12×10 room with closed door. No other heat was on. I left it in there for 20 minutes and when I went back the thermometer was up by a few degrees and definitely felt warmer. Leaving the heater on longer made it even warmer the next time I checked. In general the closer you are to the heater the more warmth. So it can definitely help. However, if you are expecting a quick 90 degree room from cold look elsewhere!

So this little heater has some pros and these include:

  • its small size
  • being energy-efficient
  • being portable and powerful (600 watt)
  • its high & low speeds
  • having auto-shut off and cool case for safety
  • no installation…you simply plug it in

I bought my Insta Heater on Amazon and below is the link to find out more and read the mixed reviews too. The reviews are mixed due to the remote issues and also not being able to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit but all you need to do is google “convert celsius to fahrenheit” and go by that. All in all a great heater that does its job so I highly recommend!:

3. Wall Panel Heaters

These are my favorite heaters. I use either the Insta Heater or the Heat Storm with wall panel heaters on colder days and nights. I’d say I use wall panel heaters the most. They cost pennies a day to use!

In The Spotlight and New for Winter: The Econo-Heater Wall Panel Heater That is Crack Resistant To Warm Your Pets, Kids and You!

I use Amaze-Heaters and older Econo-Heaters in my home as primary heating source and one problem with these heaters has been cracking which is usually fixable or contact support for help to remedy. This new Econo-Heater is Crack Resistant so sounds real good to me. To read the reviews and for more info just click on the link…

A New Portable Wall Panel Heater That Does Not Need Installation On Wall At All!

I’ve been looking for a wall panel heater that does not need installation and found it on Amazon and it’s even portable! This the one I bought:

VonHaus 400W Wall Mounted Electric Flat Panel Heater – Freestanding, Paintable Slimline, Low Energy Eco Ceramic Convector Space Heater – 23.5″ x 23.5″ x 0.4″

The Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heating

Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heat Source Can Be Accomplished

Using Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heating Can Be Done. When my furnace which is an energy-efficient furnace now was my primary heating source not only did a pay multiple times a year for K1 fuel but had high electric bills too. So it seems energy-efficient furnaces don’t mean low cost for fuel and electricity. I added a few wall panel heaters and my cost for fuel and electricity decreased. I found in rooms with a door like the bedroom the wall panel heaters could keep me quite comfortable all night long. Likewise rooms like office and den which had wall panel heaters stayed warm too. I wondered the possibility of the wall panel heater as primary heating source. I guess it depends on several factors like where one lives and how warm does one like it in the winter and colder months. The first thought is that as these wall panel heaters are meant to heat one room so one would need to buy several wall panel heaters and have at least one in each room. Where one lives is a factor too…down in the southern states or New England or northern states. How warm do you like your home to be is another factor. These sites below all say 68 degrees while awake and lower when asleep for energy conservation:

Recommended Thermostat Settings in the Winter


Set Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy Savings

I’m fine with 68 degrees in the winter so wall panel heater as primary heating source seemed like a real possibility for me but one concern… I live in Maine! The winter temperature at night can be 30, 15 or below zero with wind chill. My rooms with doors and wall panel heaters seem to work but my kitchen and living room are 1 real large open area. So I wondered if it would work. The first few tries it did not work for that large open space. But this year I made some big changes to that room. I added insulated thermal curtains, insulation for the door and heavy plastic sheeting for the windows to keep cold out. I made some changes to wall panel heaters for that large area too. I put a 600 watt amaze-heater in the kitchen with an Ezy Mount Stand (no drilling) and a 400 watt and 600 watt amaze-heater in the living room. I like the Amaze-Heaters the best especially since they offer the Ezy Mount Stand option. I also have some Econo-Heaters on the walls in 2 rooms for when it is below zero degrees. Below are these 2 types of wall panel heaters and others:

Also In The Spotlight: The 400 Watt Amaze-Heater
This one is great for a 10x10 ft bedroom with a closed door:

Amaze-Heater Wall Mounted Electric Heater, Heat Reflector, 400 Watt
Cold Weather Gear for You, Your Home, and Your Pet.
25 Year Performance Warranty

Accomplishing The Task of Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heating Source

Below shows what I ended up with for my goal of wall panel heater as primary heating source:

For testing I used primarily Amaze-Heaters. For evenings when it was 15-25 degrees outside I’d turn the furnace on for a short time after turning on 2 of the living-room/kitchen Amaze-Heaters and bedroom Amaze-Heater and turned the furnace thermostat down. As I wake up in the middle of the night to take medicine I always can check on the temperature in the room. I always turn on the office Amaze-Heater and the 3rd 600 watt Amaze-Heater in the kitchen and if needed the Amaze-Heater in the bathroom. Usually I don’t even have toi turn the furnace on in the middle of the night as the wall panel heaters keep the temperature a little lower than 68 degrees. When I wake up in the morning it is usually 62 degrees in the living-room/kitchen. When it is below 15 degrees outside I usually do the same but also turn the furnace on briefly when I get up to take medicine. If I didn’t take the medicine then I’d leave the thermostat set to go on at a certain point. I can honestly say wall panel heaters are my primary heating source. They tend to hold the temperature well for quite a while after the furnace has been turned on. But for heating a room that is real cold to start with I’d say not the best choice. But they can hold the temperature well for long periods of time. What happened to me recently is a good example. I turned the furnace on briefly as it was evening and about 25 degrees outside. I then turned on the Amaze-Heaters. Later I tried to turn the furnace on but it would not start. I spent the next day and a half without a furnace including a freezing cold night at zero outside not including the wind chill! I woke up to 62 degrees but later aftera few hour it was about 57 degrees and 56 degrees when the furnace repair person arrived. No you can say 56 degrees…that’s bad but what if I didn’t have the Amaze-Heaters? That’s right…without the Amaze-Heaters the temp could have been below 40 degree inside my home when the furnace repair person arrived! So I love my wall panel heaters. To read more info about Amaze-Heaters and other great energy-efficient heaters and options, please visit MyEnergyEfficientHouse.com.

Our Most Popular and Best Heaters: The Energy-Efficient Amaze-Heaters

Have Your Furnace Start Less Often Or Not At All! Amaze-Heaters offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!

The Energy-Efficient Wall Panel Heaters really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start far less often in the winter or not start at all depending on the weather! There are days were all you will need are the wall panel heaters to heat your home. While these heaters work best in rooms with closed doors, they do work in larger rooms without doors as well and you can have more than one of these wall panel heaters in these types of rooms. The pros outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters. Another cool thing about these heaters is that if you are artistic you can paint an image on them! And best of all the Amaze-Heaters and Cozy-Heaters offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!:

A Great Wall Panel Heater As Primary Heat Source

Amaze-Heaters Are A Great Choice for Any Size Room

Amaze-Heaters…one of my favorite Wall Panel heaters that I use when cold out…here’s 3 types…just click to see Amazon reviews and to find out more:

This is good for a large room or open area that large...you may need two depending on the size of the area and personal preference...:
Amaze-Heater 600 Watt Electrical Wall Mounted Convective Heater
This one is great for a 10x10 ft bedroom with a closed door:
Amaze-Heater Wall Mounted Electric Heater, Heat Reflector, 400 Watt
and this one is great for sitting at desks:
Amaze-Heater Under Desk Space Warmer, 100 Watt, 120 Volt

Plus for Amaze-Heaters:

Another Great Choice For Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heat Source

Econo-Heaters Are Great For Bedrooms
This is the model I have in my office and works fine overall and I'm pleased with it:
Econo-Heat 0603 E-Heater, White
This is the latest new model that offers protection from the cracking issue wall panel heaters are known for so if you are concerned about cracking you may want to find out more about this model:
Wall Mount Space Heater Panel- 400 Watt Convector Heater, 120V Electric Heat Reflector | Ideal for 200 Sq Ft Room | Save Up to 50% of Heating Cost | Crack Resistant Triple Reinforced | 3 Yr Warranty

Amaze-Heater & Cozy-Heater Ezymount Heater Mounting System

No difficult, messy installation or need to hire a handyman. Quick and easy! It works for 250, 400 and 600 watt size Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heater wall panel heaters. A definite advantage for this type of heater!

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Wall Panel Heaters As Primary Heat Source – Mission Accomplished!

I’ve used space heaters and electric fireplaces but the electric wall panel heaters impress me the most. They are not exactly nice looking like a fireplace but in typical-sized rooms (10×10 or 12×12) with a closed door, they really provide the right amount of heat to keep one warm and cost pennies a day to use. Best of all you can turn that thermostat down and have the furnace start less often in the winter. The pros do outweigh the cons of the wall panel heaters…

The Pros:

  • energy-efficient
  • easy to install (The Amaze-Heater and Cozy-Heaters even offer the Easy No Drilling Installation Option!)
  • easy to use
  • safer than fireplaces
  • do not cost a lot to buy
  • small in size and flat on walls
  • can be painted

The Cons:

  • Can be fragile
  • There’s usually a brief initial smell but if lasts for a long time just contact support

Regarding being fragile…certain models like the original econo-heaters can be like eggs. If hit or not installed right they can crack. But in fairness, the crack if not severe can be fixed with silicone caulking. But there’s other wall panel heaters that are a bit less fragile like the Amaze-Heater. I’ve cracked a few econo-heaters in the past and either the manufacturer replaced the unit if it cracked within the warranty time or told me how to fix it. But being fragile is really the only negative thing I can say about wall panel heaters. They are awesome!

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