Is Our Food Chain Poisoning Us?

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Type 2 diabetes and a whole lot of other ailments are on the growth, specifically due to weight problems which is at the growth and showing no signs of slowing down. Although you do no longer need to be obese to turn out to be a diabetic, medical doctors assure us that this circumstance is specifically resulting from obesity.

I am no medical doctor and do no longer pertain to having any remedies however the information are that;

1. Obesity is at the rise

2. Type 2 diabetes is at the rise

3. Other ailments which can be related to weight are at the upward push

Now with no medical qualifications or hundreds of government money to assist me prove this, I accept as true with that this is linked to our technologically superior modern day meals!

Now, absolutely everyone is probably screaming that, this is not unusual feel. Maybe but, I have not heard anybody else argue the truth.

Not most effective are fast foods and processed meals on the upward thrust but right from the start, even before it’s far harvested we’re using new ‘Better’ insecticides. Our cows, sheep, chickens and other cattle are being fed ‘Better’ chemicals and other excellent meals.

Even our bread goes stale and mouldy faster than it did again in the 1960’s?

So, this better food this is raised on technological advances appears to be poisoning us, making us unwell. Heart sickness, diabetes 2 all blamed directly to us ingesting too much. No! Go and consume too much domestic grown lettuce, too many domestic grown apples. NO! It is the manner we’re developing our food. The manner we’re nurturing our food, the procedures. This is the main root reason. OK ingesting greater poison will make you worse but, the meals is the very purpose, the foundation trouble.

People way returned inside the 1960’s and before ate an excessive amount of they believed that your plate had to be empty. There had been nevertheless a fair amount of overweight people but much less diabetics?

OK the fats were there and a number of other ingredients that aren’t so right for us. Cakes, bread, pasta and an entire lot of different meals, so even they’re now not simply to blame for the increase. They do not help but they’re no longer guilty so what modifications were made to our meals chain?

Do humans recognise that it is this food chain this is supporting their youngsters to have brief tempers, temper swings, attention deficiencies and extra. Are those at the rise? Yes they’re and people blame the sort of food that they are ingesting and do no longer query the first-class. Compare it to the 1950’s, the 1960’s or even earlier. There had been lots less cases. People will argue that it’s miles extra regarded now. I argue that our very food chain has been tampered with!

What can be performed. What is the answer? Maybe organic, perhaps it’s far too overdue. Maybe our meals chain has been poisoned that an awful lot by technological advancements that it’s far too past due to show lower back? I believe that we ought to turn returned nonetheless and get our food chain in order however, the large players need to churn it out and are more interested in their income.

We have poisoned our international and are handiest just accepting that we need to go, ‘Green’ to live on. Now we want to comprehend that our meals chain has to head inexperienced. It has to undergo change, large change.

Until males and females can arise and recognise that they’re an epidemic, they are their own worse enemy and that our concept of civilisation is killing us, we are doomed.

How lengthy before the world itself wakes up and says, "No More". Or will it by no means stop until there’s no greater and the planet subsequently offers up?

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