9 Go Green Living Tips – Some Go Green Healthy Living Tips And Solutions

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Go Green Living Remedies That Work For Me

Go Green Healthy Living Tips Plus Links

These Go Green Living Tips below are ones that I find work for me. And be sure to see our list of Go Green Living Links too. With these Go Green Living Tips I also included some that work for health-related issues too. The health-related issues include those for people and pets. I was actually shocked that some of the home remedies really worked.

Apple Cider Vinegar really has a lot of uses as you will see below. So I make sure I stay stocked up on it for home fixes, pet health issues, my health issues and more.

Go Green Living, Go Green Health and Natural Options Resource

1. Kill Hornets and Yellow Jackets With Soapy Water

Last Summer I had a bad problem with yellow jackets. They had a nest in my backyard. I asked my handyman to get rid of them but he was afraid. Some handyman! So thinking more about it I realized it’s a good thing he refused. He probably would use something toxic. So I researched online how to get rid of the yellow jackets safely.

My goal these days is to stay away from toxins. There’s usually a safer natural solution for most problems. Here’ some links I found wiith good solutions for this:

2. Protect Pets From Ticks Naturally

There’s certain products I use that are natural remedies for this. Click here to read more about these. They work for my pets. There is one more thing I do for my Chihuahua Sweetie when we go to a place that may have ticks. I make my own Natural Flea and Tick Collar. There’s actaully multiple options. So I’ve had luck with these options below. Once a solution is made I just dunk the bandana periodically in the solution and let the bandana dry. This will not kill ticks and fleas. It repels them…:

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3. Keep Mosquitos Away Naturally

At times my backyard gets a lot of mosquitos. So I repel them naturally with homemade citronella spray. After I make the solution from one of the links below I spray it on a face cloth or the like. I attach it to my chair. And then enjoy my backyard. I store the solution for future use. Here’s some helpful links:

4. A Natural Weed Killer – Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar can kill weeds and is good for some situations. I had just put mulch down and weeds were growing on the mulch soon. I did not want to use something toxic so I researched. I sprayed some Apple Cider Vinegar on the weeds and a few days later weeds gone.

So Apple Cider Vinegar took care of the problem for the most part. But some returned but far fewer. So Apple Cider Vinegar is a good solution for mulch and weeds. But I would not recommend for grass and weeds. Apple Cider Vinegar will kill the grass as well. But if you are careful where you spray it can work. You can use full strength on weeds. I mix it with water and it works fine. It is safe for pets too.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar for Pet Ears

I use Apple Cider Vinegar to keep my pets ears clean. It creates an environment that ear mites hate. I dip a cotton ball in a 50% Apple Cider Vinegar and 50% water solution. I then simply wipe my pets’ ears. A vet told me about this natural remedy. The only time it would not be good to use is when the ear is infected and red from ear mites. So if that be the case do not use it.

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6. Killing Mold With Natural Options

You don’t need harsh dangerous chemicals to kill mold. To find out what I use click here.

7. Use Leaves for Mulch

In the Fall I leave some leaves on top of my mulch. Why do I do this? Because in the past I Googled “can mulch be made from leaves” and the answer is yes. I use a leaf mulcher to mulch the leaves and put over mulch. Sometimes I don’t mulch the leaves. But no matter what Old Man Winter flattens the leaves over the mulch. And in the Spring I just put new mulch on top. And by doing this I need to buy less mulch.

8. Natural Pain & Anxiety Relief For People and Pets

For relief for pain and anxiety I rely on natural remedies. And this is true for me and my pets. To find out what I use click here.

9. Natural Tartar Removal For Pets

I’ve been told many times now by vets that my dog needs to be put under anesthia for dental cleanings. Doing this puts pets at risk. So I rely on natural remedies for removing tartar. These do work! To find out what I use click here. This page has before and after photos.

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