Climate Change Effects Everyone – What To Do About Climate Change…

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So What To Do About Climate Change?

The 12 Things I Do And You Can Do Too

As site owner I feel Climate Change and Global Warming are quite real. And everyone should be worried. I see the effects of Climate Change a lot lately. The storms are more frequent and worse everywhere including where I live. Maine seems to get even much longer winters now compared to winters in the past. And Maine now seems to get more freezing cold temperatures in winter despite Global Warming. This is because Global Warming causes climate change and change in temperatures in terms of both hot and cold. Maine now gets more extreme weather including tornadoes. Tornadoes in Maine used to be only a rare event. Not anymore. Maine had 7 in 2017!

Global Warming and Climate Change seem to be the same to most. But there is a difference. Global Warming is part of Climate Change which is the bigger problem at hand. No matter if we use these terms to mean the same thing or not…we need to act fast. And there’s many simple things you can do to help. Some are easier than others. Below are some things I’m doing to help about Global Warming and Climate Change. And you can try these too:

1. Walk Instead of Drive

I now do this when possible. Fortunately I have a Walmart and other stores nearby. So when I just have a few groceries I walk. Not only does this help with Global Warming and Climate Change but I get exercise! If you must drive then make sure you have a fuel-efficient car. Consider ride-sharing, public transportation or a bike.

2. Winterize Your Home and Use Less Fuel

I bought my current home in the warm summer months. When it got cold I was bombarded with cold drafts. So I use low cost energy-efficient wall heaters and insulation for windows and more. Here are 4 of the items I bought on Amazon that I highly recommend:

And to learn more about how I used these items and much more visit And BTW I only used 1/4 tank of fuel over the past 4 months. And these 4 months included freezing temperatures for long time periods like 1-2 weeks at times.

3. Turn Your Thermostat Down

In the winter I feel fine with 68 degrees. Some may think that is too low. Everyone is different. But the low cost energy-efficient wall heaters and insulation for windows I mention above can help no matter what temperature they like. The furnace can come on less often with these heaters.

4. Buy Only Energy-Efficient Appliances

I’ve been doing this for over a decade. When I bought my home the dishwasher was very old. So I made sure the new one was energy-efficient. My furnace was very old too. So I replaced it. But even energy-efficient furnaces use a lot of power I use the low cost energy-efficient heaters I talk about at My furnace is not my primary heat source.

5. Use Solar Power and Wind Too

I’ve just started experimenting with solar power on a small scale. I have bought these solar lights on Amazon and use them at night instead of a bunch of night lights. I use them for both indoor and outdoor lighting:

I’m impressed with the lights. I plan to try a portable solar generator next…and then Wind Power.

6. Don’t Leave Unnecessary Devices Plugged In

They can use a little bit of power. And it all adds up…

7. Reuse and Recycle

I’ve actually been doing this for decades. I recycle plastic containers to store stuff. I find even when I buy heavy-duty paper plates they are not that strong. So I keep an old one that is still relatively clean and put it under a new one. For shopping I only use paper bags or reusable bags. So no more plastic shopping bags.

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8. Do Not Waste Food

Waste food ends up in our land fills. You really should eat less meat. That’s a tough one. I’m still working on that one!

9. Switch Light Bulbs

I changed to compact fluorescent bulbs. Not only do they last longer but use less energy. Here’s a good deal on an 8 pack of compact fluorescent 60 watt bulbs:

10. Reduce Hot Water Usage

I’ve been washing clothes in cold water. My clothes are clean in the end. Turn the temperature down for your hot water heater too…

11. Don’t Use a Dryer To Dry Clothes

Use indoor clothes drying rack like the one below on Amazon that I bought. Or you can use outdoor clotheslines to dry clothes if possible:

12. Conserve Water

This means less no long showers as well as unecessary use of water.

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