Climate Change and Allergies and Asthma – Climate Change Means Worse Allergies

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Climate Change and Allergies and Asthma

My Pollen Allergies Came Back

I once had very bad allergies due to pollen. I went to a doctor about it. He told stay away from mold. He also had me come back for allergy shots. But the allergies went away. And this was not from going the allergy shots route. The shots did not work for me. A change in diet, a switch to natural cleaners and just getting older can explain this.

But what I think helped the most was moving to new home. I no longer had the bad allergy attacks. But over the past two or so years my allergies returned. I wondered why. It was decades since an attack. I started taking a natural allergy relief like the one pictured here. I chose this one for the positive Amazon reviews. I only take as needed.

I am very allergic to pine pollen. Grass and other tree pollen result in more mild attacks. Dust is also a problem but I use a good air purifier for that.

But I still wondered about why I had allergies again. And why pollen was the culprit. Then I saw a news segment about why. The sad truth is climate change means more allergies and asthma. This is due to more pollen. And climate change also means more pollen and mold allergies. And this includes dangerous mold from floods.

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Natural Allergy Relief Options

Instead of taking harsh medicines for allergies and mold, I chose natural like the one on Amazon above. Apple Cider Vinegar, Tumeric, Butterbur, Honey and even Probiotics may also help. I take a high quality Probiotic, Apple Cider Vinegar and Tumeric every day. So that may explain why my pollen allergy attacks are not real bad. I better knock on some wood!! I always buy my supplements at this company below. This is true for 2 decades now. They have great sales so I save a lot of money. They have quality supplements so I highly recommend:

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