Can Green Energy-Efficient Evaporative Air Coolers Work With ACs?

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In The Spotlight: Evaporative Air Cooler For Room

Using Evaporative Air Coolers With ACs Seems To Work For Some

So can Evaporative Air Coolers Work with ACs? The answer to this question is yes and no apparently. It is true Evaporative Coolers and ACs should not be on at the same time. But some people have found a way to use Evaporative Cooler and AC by carefully choosing which to use throughout a day. It depends on the humidity percent inside home. Evaporative Coolers are inefficient above 60 percent. Though some say it is 50% or 55%. It seems to be a matter of opinion too. People always vary in what they feel is hot or cold. But if you can use an Energy-Efficient Evaporative Air Cooler to lower your electric bill it would be worth to find out if it can work for you. Some of these air coolers only use the same electricy as a 100 watt light bulb!

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3 Types of Evaporative Coolers

3 types of Evaporative Coolers: personal air cooler, ones that cool room and those that cool entire houses. Not all are alike. Some include extra options. And the 2 options I think you should look for are:

  • Air filters for allergy suffers to reduce allergens plus mold growth
  • Ice packs to cool even more. I noticed with my personal one that ice made a difference and it helped me. So a larger Evaporative Cooler would work better with ice.

Also you should select one based on what you are trying to accomplish. Are you trying to cool the area near you? Then the personal air cooler is your best bet. But don’t expect the personal air cooler to take care of your whole room. For that look for the ones meant to cool rooms. Here’s some Evaporative Air Coolers for cooling rooms to consider. If you want to find out more just click on the links. You’ll be able to read the Amazon reviews and more info.:

So Can Evaporative Air Coolers Work With Acs?

The answer to this question seems to be yes and no. There’s a lot voting yes as well as no. I found I could shut my AC off for a while and use a personal air cooler and feel cool for a long period of time. And the personal air cooler uses a tiny amount of electricity compared to big AC. It seems the humidity in the room is lowered by the AC. And if under that 60% then it can work. I think it can as it worked for me. But it becomes a matter of opnion. I wanted to save money by not using the AC all the time. And I was looking for something green and energy-efficient. Also the ice packets option makes a difference. So be sure to look for that feature when looking for one. The best advice I can give is research and try it. Here’s more Evaporative Air Coolers to consider for rooms and used as personal air coolers. If you want to find out more just click on the links. You’ll be able to read the Amazon reviews and more info.:

And here’s another air cooler to consider. This one has positive reviews but some negative. The negative ones could be unfair. One person complained it only cools up to 5 feet. But that’s exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s a personal cooler!:

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This is the Digital Hygrometer I use so I can check on humidity level in my home:

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