Best Curtains To Keep Cold Out and Heat Out Too

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What Are The Best Curtains To Keep Cold Out?

Best Blackout Curtains For Cold Weather and Heat

My last home had newer windows so no worries. But my current home has very bad windows. And these windows contribute to high energy cost. In late 2018 I decided to try some new items. I updated my wall heaters to include a few new ones. It helped a lot. I must be doing something right. The past 3 months in Maine have been very cold. It’s now the end of January. I have only used 1/4 of a tank of fuel! My wall heaters are my primary heat source. Click here for info on how I did that.

The next thing I did was try new curtains. I had some blackout curtains on my windows. They were better than nothing. But I felt they could be better. I was right! After my research I chose the best curtains to keep cold out. I bought a pair of these blackout curtains on Amazon. And I like them so much I bought more for all my windows.

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Tips For Using Blackout Curtains For Cold Weather and Heat

These blackout curtains help a lot in every room. But I decided to experiment. Here’s what I thought made them even work better:

  • Adding an extra pair to large windows
  • Using clips for gaps
  • Using tacks for the sides
  • Adding a board or the like at the bottom to help with any drafts

Foil Insulation for Heat and Cold

In my research I came also across Foil Insulation for heat and cold. I have one window that gets so hot my blinds melted last Summer. So this seems like a good choice to experiment with the Foil Insulation. Pictured here is the Foil Insulation I chose on Amazon. My guess was that this sunny window could help heat my room in winter. I tried it on this sunny window and yes it did help. Yet it was quite cold outside. My next step is to add the Foil Insulation on more windows. The next window I tried it on was my bedroom window. I see it works for that room too. It helps keep the cold out.

Below shows the foil insulation in place. At night you roll it up and clip. During the day it is rolled down.

Putting Thick Plastic On Windows Can Help

Putting plastic on the windows may help. Below is the one I’ve been using for all my windows. It’s available on Amazon. It is supposed to be clear but it’s opaque. And this seems to be true for other similar products:

This one is thick but supposed to be clear as looking out a window. So may be a better option if you want clear:

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