6 Low Cost Green Cooling Solutions For Your Home

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6 Low Cost Options for Go Green Cooling Solutions

Some Environmentally Friendly Ways to Cool Your Home

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for go green cooling solutions. There’s several environmentally friendly ways to accomplish this. Some cost less than $100. And they are very easy to add to your home. Going green is important especially these days. And best of all you can save money with green cooling too. Below are 6 low cost Green Cooling Solutions for your home:

energy efficient green cooling solutions for homes

1. Evaporative Coolers (AKA Air Coolers or Swamp Coolers)

Is There A Larger More Effective Evaporative Cooler Too?

This little air cooler helped me last Summer. There were times when I turned it on instead of the AC. And as a personal air cooler it helped. Many people expect this little air cooler to work like an air conditioner. And they expect it to cool the whole room. It doesn’t work like that. It is a personal air cooler. It only can cool if you are right next to it. Also these work best when indoor humidity is less than 60%. This was true for quite a bit of last Summer. I bought it for pet cooling too. So it works for my needs. And I started to wonder if a larger one would do even better?

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There is a Larger Evaporative Cooler

Well there is a larger Air Cooler. I found an Evaporative Cooler that has many great reviews and seems promising. And has more options too. It can work with an air conditioner to effectively make a room cooler. If you move it by your window air conditioner the cool air circulates over a larger area.

Energy Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

And using this Evaporative Cooler is energy efficient. It costs less to run. And best of all they are environmentally friendly compared to ACs.

Does Not Work Well In Humid Areas

There is a “but” in the title of this page. And there is a reason for that. Evaporative Coolers do not work well in humid areas. Florida would not be a good place for these. When humidity is above 60 percent, Evaporative Coolers are less effective.

So you can determine if the Evaporative Cooler will help you. Just click on the link below for more info. And be sure to read the Amazon reviews to make your decision. I live in Maine so get a mix of humid and dry conditions. Evaporative Coolers work for me. But when very humid they won’t.

And here’s another air cooler to consider. This one has positive reviews but some negative. The negative ones could be unfair. One person complained it only cools up to 5 feet. But that’s exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s a personal cooler!:

This is the Digital Hygrometer I use so I can check on humidity level in my home:

2. Energy Efficient Window Air Conditioners

Not all Air Conditioners are Energy-Efficient. And neither are all Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners alike. The Best Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners offer more for your money.

Things To Consider

There’s a lot to consider like the size of the room you plan to put an Air Conditioner in. For example, if you put an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner meant for a small room into a large room it will not work efficiently.

Look Over All Features

Some have different modes of operation. For example, some have a dehumidify mode that can get rid of humidity quicker than an Air Conditioner that does not offer this feature. So looking at all features is just as important as cost.

The Energy-Efficient Haier ESAQ406P Has Great Reviews And A Good One To Consider

The ENERGY STAR Qualified 6050 BTU Haier ESAQ406P will cool a room quicker than other air conditioners and do it efficiently. This Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner is for small rooms no more than 250 sq. ft.

However this company offers options for bigger rooms. Some great features include its several modes of operation including Cool, Energy Saver, Fan and Dehumidify, its quiet operation, air filter for those with allergies, timer, and better air flow due to its cross flow fan.

The Haier ESAQ406P is not available any longer but it looks like it’s been replaced with this model below so just click to read about it:

More Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners To Consider

Below are a few more Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners. Just click below for more info and to read to read all the positive reviews on Amazon:

3. Heat and Cold Blocking Products

Heat and Cold Blocking Products Can Make a Big Difference!

There’s some Heat and Cold Blocking Products to help keep your home cool in the Summer and warm during the colder months. One is easy to apply window tint film that also gives privacy and can be decorative too. Plus there’s thermal insulated blackout curtains which also offer protection from cold conditions in the winter. Here’s some Heat Blocking Products options to consider on Amazon…just click to see all options:

Foil Insulation for Heat and Cold

It Helps Keep Homes Warmer in Winter and Cooler in Summer

In my research I also came across Foil Insulation for heat and cold. It reduces the stress on heating and cooling systems. Thus it saves energy.

I have one window that gets so hot my blinds melted last Summer. In the winter it is a very cold window. So this seems like a good choice to experiment with the Foil Insulation.

Pictured here is the Foil Insulation I chose on Amazon. My guess was that this sunny window could help heat my room in winter. I tried it on this sunny window and yes it did help. Yet it was quite cold outside.

My next step is to add the Foil Insulation on more windows. The next window I tried it on was my bedroom window. I see it works for that room too. It helps keep the cold out. I have a few more windows to add it to. So I ordered more.

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4. Energy-Efficient Portable ACs

Portable ACs are another option. So it make sense to find out about these too. Looking for a Portable High Energy-Efficient AC? This AC has a lot of green features. Just click to find out more and read the positive reviews on Amazon:

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5. Air Circulator Fan – Step Above Traditional Fans

For rooms where you can’t or just don’t have AC…the Air Circulator Fan is really the next best thing and low cost too. It’s a bit different and better than typical fans that just blow air.

The Air Circulator Fan Difference

The Air Circulator Fan really circulates the air throughout the room and thus cooling the room. The Vornado is the one I like the best. I was so impressed with the first one I bought a second one! Here’s some to consider including some on Amazon. Just click below on the photo image to learn more and see the great reviews and all options on Amazon:

6. A Very Smart Window Fan

The Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan Is Far From The Average Window Fan

I was looking for a good Window Fan and the Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan caught my eye. The way it works is when the conditions outside are dryer and cooler than inside a room it turns itself on automatically. It can work with your AC and its thermostat or without. When used in conjunction with an AC it cools the room on cool dry days. And your AC will thus be used for when it is hot and humid outside.

By going this route it provides an Energy-Efficient Cooling Solution plus saves on cooling bills. It’s meant to remain in the window for use, includes protection from rain, works while raining, and has louvers so hot air stays outdoors and cool air inside. It does lack a filter for allergy sufferers. But all in all seems like a great Energy-Efficient Cooling Solution for Summer. It has a lot of positive reviews on Amazon…just click on the link to see all.

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