3 Dog Tartar Removal Natural Solutions Without Brushing or Risky Vet Dental Cleanings!

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Natural Dog Tartar Removal Solutions Can Work

You take your dog to the vet for annual exam. The topic of dental cleanings can come up. The vet usually suggests a dental cleaning under anesthesia. And there is always a risk. And these dental cleanings under anesthesia are not low cost either. Or the vet will say brushing pets’ teeth is the only other option.

But why annoy your pet with brushing of teeth every day? Why take the risk and pay the cost vet dental cleanings when there’s Dog Tartar Removal Natural Solutions? The good news is that there are other options. Natural Dog Plaque and Tartar Removal can help. And these can work for cats too. But the products vary so be sure to read all the info if you have both cats and dogs. Some are for dogs only.  I’m not talking about dog dental bones or the like. Natural Dog Tartar Removal Solutions include dog dental sprays, powder and gels. The gels can remove plaque but can require more work for tough cases. I like the dog dental sprays and powders. And I’ve had great success with all 3. What I have found is while one product can work for one dog it may not for the other dog. Below are the 3 that worked for my dogs and saved them from dental cleanings under anesthesia.

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1. Pet Dental Gel for Dogs and Cats

The advantage of the gels is that they let you place right where the problem is. Here’s a gel I used on Sweetie plus one on Amazon with great reviews for dogs and cats… See below for the one that worked great for Sweetie’s serious tartar issue.

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DentaSure Helped Sweetie’s Serious Tartar Problem

Natural Dog Tartar Removal Using DentaSure on Sweetie’s Teeth: Natural Dog Tartar Removal Worked For Her!

Not only are veternarian dental cleanings expensive but but pets must be put under anesthesia which there is a risk always and in this case an unnecessary risk as products like DentaSure can work. Unknowingly I picked the right dog to use Natural Dog Tartar Removal with DentaSure as Sweetie is a Chihuahua and guess what breed is #1 for dental issues? Yes.. Chihuahua is #1 at this link below and other links too or in the top 10!:
Which Dog Breeds Have The Worst Teeth?
When I got Sweetie I took her to the vet immediately and the first issue he noticed was her teeth…a very bad case of tartar and plaque at only 1 year old and said she needed a dental cleaning but I decided to try the natural approach first that worked for Xena’s plaque and tartar. But that product did not work for Sweetie so I tried DentaSure. After 1 month I noticed some improvement but she was a tough case so I asked for advice from the company and was told to increase to 2 times a day for the application which was the gel type. More than 1 application per day helped but it did take a few months in all to remove the plaque and tartar. Below are the photos showing how bad her teeth were in the beginning and at the end…the tartar and plaque problem gone with Natural Dog Tartar Removal. No expensive and risky veternarian dental cleaning needed now! I highly recommend trying the Natural Dog Tartar Removal route and DentaSure. DenatSure worked for Sweetie. And if one product doesn’t work I’d say still try the Natural Dog Tartar Removal route…it is safer and lower in cost than the veterinarian dental cleanings.

Here’s where to get DentaSure:

2. Dental Sprays for Dogs

The Best Dental Sprays for Dog and Cats:

Pet dental sprays are a good choice too for daily pet dental care and easy to use. You simply spray on your pet’s teeth or in water or have the option of either. Some are for dogs only so you need to be careful when selecting. The one in the spotlight is for both dogs and cats and has many great Amazon reviews…just click to read them and see more info… There’s more natural dental spray options on the market. Some are for dogs only but there pet dental sprays for both dogs and cats. I don’t know how good they are but I’ve been using the Premium Pet Dental Spray for a few months and watched the tartar melt away on Sweetie’s back teeth. I highly recommend this one. And it’s on Amazon for easy quick ordering:

Dog Tartar Removal Treats and Poweder

Cat and Dog Plaque and Tartar Removal: PlaqueOff

This comes in powder and treats. I have used both and pleased with this product. Please read the review on this page for more info and click to read the Amazon reviews and more info…

PlaqueOff Just Works! If Dog Plaque and Tartar Removal Are Not Done It Can Lead To Illness…Even Death!

There Are Other Remedies Like Proden PlaqueOff That Can Work In Instead Of Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

I cannot stress that Dog Tartar and Dog Plaque Removal is very important…it truly is and doesn’t have to be difficult. Xena had a bad Tartar Problem on her teeth. The first vet said she needed to go under anesthesia to have the plaque scraped off her teeth and said it could cost up to $1600 but despite the cost my biggest worry was her age and anesthesia as she was 8 years old at the time. As there are many Dog Tartar and Dog Plaque Removal options on the market that are natural and safe I chose that route to try first and one like the suggestion on this page. I took her back to the first vet about 2 months later but they told me still the same thing. So I took her to a new vet in town and he removed the loosened plaque on her teeth with his fingers as the product worked and did its job by loosening the plaque for easy removal. So products like this work for Dog Tartar and Plaque Removal and are a much safer option than going under anesthesia so I highly recommend trying this type of product first…maybe try a few first before going the anesthesia route which is a risk for any dog.

Below is Proden PlaqueOff that worked for Xena and allowed the vet to removed the plaque off her teeth with his fingernails.

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