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In The Spotlight: A Larger Evaporative Cooler

There is a larger Air Cooler or Evaporative Cooler. I found an Evaporative Cooler that has many great reviews and seems promising. And includes many options too. It can work with an air conditioner to effectively make a room cooler. If you move it by your window air conditioner the cool air circulates over a larger area. And using this Evaporative Cooler is energy efficient. It costs less to run. And best of all they are environmentally friendly compared to ACs. You can determine if the Evaporative Cooler will help you. Just click on the link below for more info. And be sure to read the Amazon reviews to make your decision.

And here’s another air cooler to consider. This one has positive reviews but some negative. The negative ones could be unfair. One person complained it only cools up to 5 feet. But that’s exactly what it is supposed to do. It’s a personal cooler!:

There’s many things we can do to go green and be energy-efficient. But this is a world of hectic lifestyle and demands. So we can forget about Going Green. So spread the word and remind people you know with a Green eCard. Some eCards have video and animation. Click here for more info about our Free and Premium Green eCards.

In The Spotlight Too: A Powerful Solar and Wind Powered Generator

Nature’s Generator – 1800W Solar and Wind Powered Generator – Gold System

This is a new energy-efficient portable and powerful generator that not only uses solar power but wind power too! And the price isn’t bad either…under $1000. It can run refrigerators, electric lawn mowers and other appliances. So it is quite powerful. Just click to read the positive reviews on Amazon and find out more about this Wind and Solar Power Generator…

Another Cool Option To Get You Close To Nature!:

The VERY Unique Coveside Panoramic In-house Window Bird Feeder with Mirrored Panel…Just click below to read about it on Amazon:

Go Green Living, Go Green Healthy Living and Natural Options Resource:

Going Green and Natural Solutions for a Better Healthier Life and Earth!

As site owner, I have found many ways changing to green and natural options have helped me. Below are just a few of the ways this helped me:

  • save money and be energy-efficient too
  • provide safer remedies for household issues such as mold
  • help with health conditions without the terrible side effects of prescription medications
  • saved my pets from going under anesthesia for dental cleanings and overcome other issues such as severe pet anxiety

So I know for a fact that Go Green Living, Go Green Health and Natural Options can be a positive change and the goal of my web sites listed below is to communicate about these options and how they can help. Here’s some of my web sites:

These days knowing as much as you can about Go Green Health and Natural Options is important. Let’s face it…we live in a world full of toxins and dangers. Likewise being energy-efficient is just as important for saving our Earth for us and our children. GoGreenAndHealthy.com is your resource for ways to Go Green including

  • ways you may not think of
  • making your home energy-efficient
  • exploring safer natural options for your health and well-being and for your pets

There’s many categories for Go Green and Natural Solutions to explore:

  • health remedies
  • natural pet products and solutions
  • energy-efficient solutions for your home
  • natural solutions for certain home issues like mold
  • ways to go green with your computer
  • green eco-friendly gifts too

There’s a lot you can do about Climate Change too. Some Go Green Health and Natural Solutions are as follows…

Go Green Healthy Living and Natural Remedies News

Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source – It Can Work!

How Wall Heaters Can Be Your Primary Heat Source – Selecting the Best Wall Heaters For The Job

There’s all types of wall heaters and they are all different in what they offer, their pros and cons and some are better than others. These are the 3 I use alone or as combo below as Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source. I find I turn the furnace on less often. During the day I find the best combo for the current situation. Homes vary and people are comfortable at different temperatures. I’m OK with 68 degrees and that’s my goal. Some people think that’s too cold. Some people want every room in the home to be the same temperature. I don’t. If I’m not using a room for a while I don’t heat it. For me some rooms with doors even get too hot. But no matter what Wall Heaters can make the furnace come on less often.

Right now I’m using the heaters on this page as Primary Heating Source. This does not mean I don’t turn my furnace on at all. I turn it on far less often so save money. Right now my problem temperature outside is 10 degrees or below. For example yesterday early morning and night I put the furnace on for a few minutes when 10 degrees. Throughout the day and night the wall heaters were my primary heat source. The wall heaters are used the most to heat my home. Here’s the 3 I bought on Amazon to be my Wall Heaters As Primary Heat Source and the ways I use each. Click here to read more…:

A New Option Regarding Natural Holistic Help for Anxiety and More

A New Holistic Solution for Anxiety and Other Disorders – Help for Alzheimers to Anxiety to Anorexia to Arthritis and More…:
When we go to traditional doctors for anxiety we walk out the door usually with a prescription for a Benzo like Ativan. Taking Benzos and other similar pills can ruin your life, cause problems with personal relationships, harm your body, cause health issues and many other negative things. I learned the hard ward way that Ativan does not work for everyone and perhaps really for no one in the long run as these pills do not get to the root issue. Holistic Help for Anxiety may be your answer. I truly believe in going to a naturopathic doctor to get help for Anxiety as that helped me finally go in the right direction to get better.

Below is Holistic Help for Anxiety, Alzheimers, Anxiety, Anorexia, Arthritis, Asthma and much more. Best of all you can get an initial free consultation. So click below to find out more about Natural Holistic Help for Anxiety and More:

New Pet Warming Solutions Including Some Self Warming Pet Products And More

This Microwavable Dog Warmer is very easy to use. You simply use your microwave to heat it up and then place it under your pet’s bed. It is safe to use and provides up to 10 hours of warmth…pretty cool!:

Besides the Microwavable Dog Warmer above, there’s several other ways to keep pets warm when cold outside and fall into 3 categories. These include self warming pet beds, mats and the like, and a mat powered by electricity plus energy-efficient wall panel heaters that will keep you warm too! Click here to read more.

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